Staffing Services

We provide IT staffing solutions to help you secure and optimize the most strategic and variable component to success – your people. We begin our partnership byseeking to understand your business targets and the gaps between your current andfuture state. We then build a workforce staffing strategy to close those gaps with theright people, skills and competencies, when and where you need them.

Permanent Staffing

Silicontek Systems works on a 360˚approach in getting the Right Candidates for our clients. We integrate our rich experience, proven delivery model and industry-leading tools and technologies to deliver a holistic customer experience.

Here, we identify and introduce qualified candidates and manage the interview process. We even check references and do background checks. Our team help you search for, screen and test candidates minimizes the time, cost and uncertainty involved in the process. Our priority is exceptional customer service, a personalized approach, and the ability to fill all your space from just one place.

Contract Staffing

Our team of consultants, drawing on several years of experience and solid networking abilities, connect you with temporary workers across industries and skill sets. By partnering with us, you get all our expertise and valuable insights and none of the typical hassles associated with recruiting a temporary workforce.

We work with our clients in hiring or identification of temp resources and take on the selected resources on our payroll for providing services to the client. Alternatively we also take on our payroll, resources pre-identified by clients or existing through some other arrangement. Silicontek Systems takes complete responsibility for all HR Administrative activities, statutory employee benefits and compliances for the outsourced resources. The operational and performance related aspects are monitored by the client and the client retains complete control of the same.

Executive search firms are experiencing an increase in demand to recruit the best executive talent to small, mid-level as well as premier companies that need to cultivate excellence not just for growth but also for survival in these tough times.

Silicontek Systems is an upcoming & young executive search companies that offers executive recruitment services for leading companies on time, on budget with excellent client feedback. Our experts have rich experience in CEO and Board level placements and display complete professionalism in handling the career moves of these senior ranking executives.

In an attempt to deliver world-class leadership solutions across US, we have combined a long-term approach with a rigorous selection and interview processes based on the conviction that the right person can indeed make a difference.We combine our wide

Ranging, thorough search process – which embrace our extensive applicant database – with our consultant zero down on exceptional applicant for every engagement. We have a top notch team designated to handle these strategic moves along the corridors of power.

Bulk Hiring or Campus Recruitment is a great way for clients to reach out to a pool of talented and qualified candidates. Bright young minds, bursting with the zeal and enthusiasm to prove their worth can be converted into valuable assets for any company with the right sort of training and mentoring.

By partnering with us, you overcome the challenges of bulk hiring at junior levels without compromising on quality and speed. Currently, this segment is highly fragmented with various small to mid-sized recruitment firms occupying this space with no one being able to provide the reach and scale to fully satisfy client needs. We cover you from all around.

We operate on a key account management model where, because of the volumes with each client, we dedicate resources on a full time basis to serve a client.

It includes Employee referral, Internet advertising, Contacts in educational institutions.

To meet the Company’s evolving business requirements, Contingency staffing offers just- in – time recruitment solutions.

Silicontek Systems invests the time up front effectively to recruit for contingency positions and establishes a level of shared trust and client knowledge beneficial to both present and future staffing engagements. Support you with Plug n Play Resources – staff, laptop, data card etc.

Our contingency hiring model allows companies to reduce fixed costs and be more competitive. Contingency Hiring is an excellent option for deployments, projects, short-term leaves or seasonal service demands.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Solid recruiter with knowledge of your industry
  • In-depth interviews before candidates are presented
  • Candidate management throughout the process
  • Job offer and negotiation support

Contract to Hire

The professionals, recruited by our creative, talented HR recruiters, can step in and quickly handle the responsibilities for a specific or flexible term. For both organizations and job seekers, the contract to hire model of HR staffing has become a means of solving emergent HR staffing needs and providing a testing period before permanently filling positions.

During this period, the organization has an opportunity to fully evaluate these employees’ skills, assess their capabilities, and can consider these contracts to hire HR executives, specialists, and staff members for permanent placement. Our experienced, highly motivated contract to hire candidates has an excellent track record of performance and is frequently hired by our clients on the completion of their contract. We use the same matching process with contract to hire candidates as with our direct hire candidates, presenting only candidates who precisely match our clients’ criteria.

This option allows the company to observe a candidate in the work environment and gauge his competency.

Offshore Staff Augmentation

We are in internet age where it's difficult to keep pace with the fast changing needs and technological updates. The ever changing scenarios demand more and more focus on the marketing and customer relationship management aspects of the business. It becomes almost inevitable to work on your core skills and strengths rather than exploring and finding an exact mix of resources to meet the software development needs.

Silicontek Systems provides you with a perfect solutions to tackle the challenging aspects of the finding the different software development resources for different technical needs. Our offshore staffing service or in other words also known as Staff Augmentation model is bundled with various advantages and benefits. This option is the most suitable for the companies, individuals, IT consultants looking out for skilled, technically competent, qualified & experienced resources. Offshore staffing surely helps you to concentrate on your core business activities while we take care of your constant software development needs. It is indeed a good alternative to help you to enhance productivity which in turn maximizes returns.

Silicontek Systems has skilled, efficient and experienced team of dedicated resources to work on your software development projects. These resources work under your direct command and control as an extension of your own team. With our fully operational IT infrastructure, HR and Admin staff for recruitment and highly placed technical team, we assure of the right resources for your specific needs.

Highlights of our Offshore Staffing Services
  • Pool of Technical competent and experienced resources always available for your instant and long term needs
  • You have an option of having full time / Shared resources based on your requirements
  • Ability to Ramp-up and Ramp-down resources at short notice
  • Systems and processes in place and hence there is no adaptation time required and you start getting output from day one
  • Hourly and Monthly billing option available
  • All resources with excellent written and verbal Communication Skills
Benefits of Offshore Staffing Services
    • Secured environment with all our internet and computer policies in place to prevent your data and IPR
    • Various option of selecting the resources ideally suited to your needs
    • Low Total cost of ownership
    • Constant monitoring and feedback carried out by our Project Manager for increased efficiency and productivity
    • Assured customer satisfaction
    • Minimal risk and investment