Offshore Support Service


Quality SAP experience and expertise can be difficult to find locally. Hiring such specialists can be even more challenging, and associated costs may not always be feasible in your current budget. If you operate SAP applications on-premise or at a hosted facility and need SAP Basis administration help – Silicontek Systems Remote SAP Basis Services could be the ideal solution.

For a predictable fixed monthly fee (with zero start-up costs), Silicontek Systems’s Remote SAP Basis Services address essential needs such as:

Perform daily monitoring of SAP Production System health including:
  • Daily SAP Monitoring
  • Operating System Administration
  • All Database Administration (Oracle, SQL, DB2, Sybase)
Tasks included as required:
  • Support Packages
  • Note Application
  • Client Management
  • Expert Analysis for Architecture and DR
  • Security Administration
  • Output Management
  • User Administration
  • Assistance in Backup and Restore
  • Problem resolution and troubleshooting
  • Applying SAP tuning parameters
  • All R/3 System Administration

Silicontek Systems Remote SAP Basis Services enable immediate and significant cost savings compared to employing on-premise SAP Basis and database support staff. You can depend on 24×7 proactive, strategic and tactical SAP Basis & Database Management services leveraging on-shore and near-shore certified experts using SAP-certified tools and best practices.

Increase SAP progress, not your headcount

Eliminate the burden of attracting, hiring, training, retaining – and rewarding – skilled SAP professionals necessary to manage the technical aspects of your SAP implementation. Silicontek Systems’s certified and trained SAP experts can improve the overall performance and reliability of your existing SAP systems by performing proactive maintenance, or they can jumpstart high-priority SAP projects to support on-time, on-budget delivery.

Silicontek Systems can serve as an extension of your team without adding headcount; accelerate the pace of existing or planned implementations; or contribute in other ways focused on your unique SAP requirements.You can count on best practices and secure SLAs that deliver on expectations time and again. Inquire today about Silicontek Systems Remote SAP Basis Services.

You benefit from:
  • SAP expertise when you need it without substantially higher costs associated with recruiting, hiring, training and retaining additional SAP professionals
  • Jumpstarting or accelerating the pace of current/planned SAP projects – and with related best practices to help ensure higher quality results
  • Predictable fixed monthly fees with zero start-up costs and rapid response to immediate needs
  • Reduced burden on existing resources, enabling greater focus on mission-critical IT requirements
  • 24×7×365 support on full range of SAP needs and priorities

Infrastructure Support services

An organization’s network infrastructure is a critical factor for business success. Silicontek Systems’s information technology infrastructure services help you avoid operational bottlenecks, drain on IT resources, and inflated costs. Implementing an optimal IT infrastructure can present a significant challenge, but Silicontek Systems’s IT infrastructure services can help prevent damage to your bottom line and protect your competitive standing.

Your IT infrastructure solutions including servers, storage, and enterprise applications; your communications platforms including voice, video, and data presentation systems; and your information security architecture all depend on a robust, yet flexible, network infrastructure. Silicontek Systems helps you transform the economics of network management by delivering standards-based, next-generation infrastructure solutions. We give your operations the advantage of having an easily managed network through service-ready and business-ready features. With Silicontek Systems as your partner, you benefit from:

  • Business continuity through service assurance and high availability
  • Support for complex, multivendor environments
  • Interoperable systems that simplify management
  • Compliance with government regulations, corporate policies, and technology rules
  • Adaptability for changing business conditions
  • Automation of more day-to-day operations
  • Better utilization of limited network resources
  • Better decision-making capabilities using up-to-date information, key metrics, and user statistics

Silicontek Systems’s IT infrastructure services help you gain the full value of your IT investments. ESI has strategic partnerships with market-leading hardware and software vendors representing an impressive cross-section of the most sought-after manufacturers in the industry. We maintain a staff of highly skilled experts for each product line, ensuring that we not only provide you with the products you need, but are on standby to help you improve and maintain your network infrastructure through our IT infrastructure support services.

Our network architects and engineers offer years of expertise in designing enterprise networks. Our real-world expertise in network management and optimization help you maintain IT agility, control costs, bolster security and maintain competitive advantage. Silicontek Systems’s approach to information technology infrastructure services helps you automate, simplify, and integrate your IT infrastructure to improve productivity at a significantly reduced total cost of ownership.

Database Operations Support

Silicontek Systems's Database Management services encompass the maintenance of various databases & backups, taking care of database related issues like verifying the hot backups, extending table spaces as and when required and carrying out database purges. Silicontek Systems has extensive experience and expertise in providing database management support for multiple systems and environments

Windows/Linux Environment Support

Silicontek Systems is well versed in the remote management of both Windows & Linux (Open Source) based environments and servers. Our highly efficient server support team provides this multi-platform support through:

  • Operating System Administration
  • Performance Monitoring of Servers
  • Backup Management
  • Version Management (Upgrade & Patch Management)
  • Client Solution Architectures
Network and IT Security Operations Support

Silicontek Systems's Remote Infrastructure Management services also cater to our clients' network administration needs. We remotely operate and manage entire networks, including all devices such as routers, Firewalls, IP Telephony, VLANs, VPNs etc. Silicontek Systems also enables clients increase the efficiency of their network infrastructure by formulating security policies to reduce network outages, improve throughput and optimize resource investments.

Service Desk Operations

Silicontek Systems offers a multi-platform based (voice, email, web and chat based) technical support desk to address any issues raised by our clients or by their end customers. By transitioning the helpdesk operations to our offshore center, we help clients realize tremendous cost and 24x7 productivity benefits. Some of the common Service Desk operations performed include monitoring and managing helpdesk tickets, escalations around the clock and giving real-time solutions to the same.

Release/Change Management

Our Release/Change Management solutions ensure that all client processes are compliant with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) & ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) standards. The Release Management process documents in detail any change initiated to the clients' infrastructure, right from the initiation of critical software/hardware rollouts to the completion of any other system related activity. The Release Policy document also contains a Backout/Fallback plan which can be implemented in case of any contingencies.

Storage and Backup Support

Silicontek Systems possesses the necessary expertise and experience in data storage and backup solutions that encompass a range of service offerings including storage and backup monitoring, system integration for enterprise storage area networks, disaster recovery & business continuity planning, and designing and deploying SAN/NAS solution architectures